The children we help come from all walks of life. Some are homeless, others are victims of circumstance, and still others have parents who are incarcerated. Many of these children have never had the opportunity to have new clothes, let alone shop for new clothes.

Given that a child may only receive three referrals with a minimum waiting period of 6 months between referrals, the statistics below show how great the need is. The vast majority of children served each month are “new” referrals.

2018 December
fulfilled the requests of 60 children
logged 125 volunteer hours
A story to share: Among the many children served, Bloomin’ Boutique volunteers were able to help two siblings within 48 hours of becoming victims of a house fire.

2018 November
fulfilled the requests of 50 children
logged 112 volunteer hours
A story to share: It was a touching experience when a senior high school student and teen mother came to the Bloomin’ Boutique to make her selections and also went home with a package bundled with love for her child.

2018 October
fulfilled the requests of 65 children
logged 128 volunteer hours
A story to share: At the request of their school counselor, a very grateful brother and a sister shared their experience while picking out new clothes. A Bloomin’ Boutique volunteer helped each child fulfill their individual needs.